How do I book?

Email or complete our booking form.


How do I pay?

Cash, Visa/ Debit, Cheque (Payable to 'The Head Clinic (Harrow) Ltd).

Payment is taken directly after the treatment. 


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured by Hamilton Fraser for cosmetic and clinical procedures 


Do you do home visits?

Yes, within 5 miles of HA5 there is no extra charge for this. 


Do you do allergy test?

Due to extremely  low rates of anaphylaxis reported with botulinum toxin, the manufacturers do not advise allergy tests , however if you have a particular concern please contact the clinic and we can discuss this with you and arrange an allergy test if this would reassure you. 


Is there a minimum age?

We do not inject anyone under 18 . If you are under 25 , please bring ID  (passport / Driving licence).


Is there an emergency number?

If you have an allergic reaction and have any difficulty in breathing, tongue swelling , difficulty swallowing or face swelling please ring 999 immediately.

If you are having any symptoms you would like advice for please call 020 8707 7411. This number will be staffed from 10am -8pm everyday by a non- medical member of the team. They will take a detailed message and ask someone from the medical team to call you as soon as possible.  If you are trying to call outside of these times- please still call the number above and we will endeavour to answer it. 

If you are not sure if your need is urgent and you have not been able to get through to us please ring 111 and ask advice.