Chris Bushell

(MSC, BSc, RN, Independent Nurse Prescriber, PG Dip)

The Head Clinic was formed originally to provide Botox® for migraine sufferers as this is a particular interest to Chris.

Botox® for migraine was originally discovered to be helpful by clients having Botox® for cosmetic reasons and discovering their headaches improved after treatment. 

Botox for migraine is now available under the NHS , and is becoming more available under private schemes too. 







Chris Bushell is an RCN accredited Advanced Nurse Practitioner, and independent nurse prescriber ,who works predominantly in an NHS Surgery in Harrow. Chris qualified at South Bank University with an MSC in advance nurse practice and strategic leadership. Chris has been a nurse for twenty five years and is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the regulatory body for the UK which regulates the administration of injectable medicines by independent nurse prescribers. 

Chris also sits on  Harrow CCGs Education Forum  representing Harrow primary care nurses, as she feels passionately that nurses should be trained to a high standard, and keep up to date with current research.

She has had an interest in the use of Botox® for migraine and for other medical conditions for many years and has therefore pursued further training in this area. She has also had training in the use of botox and fillers for cosmetic enhancement. 

Michael Rogers

Business Manager 

Michael Rogers is a successful  entrepreneur who specialises in business management, marketing and graphic design business management. Within 'The Head Clinic' Michael is a active partner and is responsible for the management of administration and finances of the company. He will be the first point of contact when ringing or emailing a query. If the question is clinical he will make contact with Chris and Chris will be in contact with you within 24 hrs. 

Michael will also be present to assist with administration and finance for clinics and some home visits.